Family procedure.

Family Procedure Rules & Financial Remedies: Commentary & Updates

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This website contains authoritative Commentary, written by the At A Glance /  @eGlance Editorial Board, on the Family Procedure Rules governing financial applications, together with links to the rules themselves, their practice directions and forms, and to relevant cases, statutes and international instruments.

The site is in two parts, commentaries and sources. The page you are on lists all of the commentaries. Click on one and its contents will be displayed. In each section of commentary where a source is cited, there is a link to that source. There is also a list of all the sources cited at the foot of each section.
Use the sources tab to browse the sources referred to in the commentaries and see where they are cited within the commentary.

The content of this site reflects that of the latest version of @eGlance (2020.2, released September 2019).

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